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TNG Site 3.0!

Hey guys, and welcome to the new site! It’s been up for a while now, but I’ve been tweaking it a bit. It’s finally in a (nearly) final state. Still need to fix the size of the header image, add the automagic Twitch widget in the header, and spruce up the comment section but it’s […]

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Minecraft Server Dynamic Map

So you guys are looking for a super cool dynamic map for the minecraft server (, right? Well, check it out right here! (click)

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Another update, and podcast.

Well here we are again. I’ve updated the site a bit, as you can see. There’s now a nifty youtube feed over there —-> The footer may overlap some of the shorter pages, working on that. In other news, The Nerd Gamer’s Podcast Episode 4 is out now!

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TNG 2.0

After many hours of work, the site redesign is finally done. If you have any problems with it, email me at We are moving over to the phpBB forums which are not quite done yet, so sit tight on that. Our old forums can still be viewed at If you’ve signed up on […]

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Zelda Kid

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Minecraft Server Party Night

Hey everybody, I’m just here to give you guys details on the minecraft party night.  We’ll have the server on from 9-10ish PM PST to whenever we go to sleep and we’ll put the IP here the day of the event.  We’re doing this to raise awareness for our Zelda marathon later this year.  We […]

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10th anniversary of Majora’s Mask

Today is the 10th anniversary of Majora’s Mask!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! So, I decided that this event deserved my first write up for the site.   As many of you probably know already, Majora’s Mask is one of my favorite zelda games (or any games for that matter)  of all times.  Back when it was released it […]

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3DS Price and Details Announced

In a press conference in Japan early this morning, Nintendo announced the release date and pricing details on the 3DS.  It will be released in Japan in February 2011 and March 2011 in Europe and the US.   They also announced other features such as a Gameboy VC and the ability to turn a 3D picture […]

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The Nerd Gamer’s Zelda Marathon II

I’m here to announce our next Zelda marathon.  Now, don’t get your hopes up, this is still about 9 months away.  I just thought I’d start planning early so we can make the best quality marathon possible.  If everything goes as planned, it should turn out very similar to our last marathon with a few […]

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Important Site Update.

Hey everybody, I’m here to announce an important update to this site that some of you may appreciate.  So, you may have noticed by now that we are called the NERD gamers and we don’t really focus much on the nerd part. That ends now.  We will be posting stuff about Math, Science, Rubik’s cubes […]

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