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TNG podcast -Episode 1

Will be on itunes shortly. Link will apear here

Show notes after the jump!

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New Twitters

Check em’ out Zeke- @TNGZeke Staffan- @TNGStaffan

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New Store and LP

Check out our new store! All profits will go to funding the site.  We currently only have a pin but more products are coming very soon!  So please go check it out! Also I’m starting a new LP shortly; Metroid: Other M!  Check out the trailers below.  The LP can be viewed at our […]

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Site Update

Hey it’s zeldafan314 here to give you guys an update on the site.    We’ve changed the theme back to the zelda theme, the gaming nights theme was temporary.  The forums now have a mario skin.  This will probably be changed over to a zelda skin in the near future.  As for our next streams, […]

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Skyward Sword Nintendo Power Scans

Here’s a scan of the Skyward Sword article in Nintendo Power.  There’s some new info in the interview with Eiji Aunuma.  All of  the content is owned by Nintendo Power.  I take credit for the scans, however.  Please do not copy or post this elsewhere.  Please Note: These Images are very big.  To view it […]

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More Gaming Night Details

Since I have a lot more of the details decided I decided to give you guys an update.    Streaming will be  hosted on Justin tv and the chat will be hosted on UStream.    The UStream chat will be embedded into our site so you can view the feed and UStream chat at the same […]

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New Layout

The  new beta design should be up and running now.  The sidebar is all whacky and it’ll be fixed tomorrow.  Sorry about that! EDIT: Sidebar is up and running.  If you have any suggestions, comments or problems post them in the comments or here.

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The Nerd Gamer’s Night of Gaming!

Hey everyone.  I’m here to annonce our next gaming event/stream.  This is not a marathon but 3 nights of gaming in a row.  The tentative dates are the 12th, 13th and 14th.  We will be doing this event to benefit ACT-Today.  Please keep in mind that these dates could be changed at any time.  We’re […]

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How We Record Videos Pt. 2

Hey everyone!  Zeldafan314 here to discuss the technical side of things.  Just a warning: this is a pretty complex setup.  If you don’t understand you can ask a question in the comments. This setup only works for macs but I can probably link you to some PC alternatives. So if you’re just going to record […]

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Site Update

First off thanks to everyone who voted for ACT Today in the chase contest!  You guys helped them win $20,000!  But it’s not over yet!  Remember to vote everyday in the pepsi refresh contest!  People may be cheating and pepsi may be really lazy but we can still pull this off! Anyway, here’s your update […]

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