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3DS Price and Details Announced

In a press conference in Japan early this morning, Nintendo announced the release date and pricing details on the 3DS.  It will be released in Japan in February 2011 and March 2011 in Europe and the US.   They also announced other features such as a Gameboy VC and the ability to turn a 3D picture […]

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The Nerd Gamer’s Zelda Marathon II

I’m here to announce our next Zelda marathon.  Now, don’t get your hopes up, this is still about 9 months away.  I just thought I’d start planning early so we can make the best quality marathon possible.  If everything goes as planned, it should turn out very similar to our last marathon with a few […]

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Important Site Update.

Hey everybody, I’m here to announce an important update to this site that some of you may appreciate.  So, you may have noticed by now that we are called the NERD gamers and we don’t really focus much on the nerd part. That ends now.  We will be posting stuff about Math, Science, Rubik’s cubes […]

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Loyal Viewers List

At long last, the loyal viewers list is here. Thanks to everyone on the list, and everyone else for even watching. garsh revmeta iamdogdemon mrsniderman CirnoStrong nerpers spiky garrett333 Xcalibur546 larsderfenstine ZeldaFanatic BrenoA happymaskmanwest FloatMyGoat BlaisingDawn gabrielc96 Xavvier iwatchnerdsplay goron1994 Thanks again to everyone who watched. Be sure to join our forums, as well. Okuu

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Site Update

First off thanks to everyone who voted for ACT Today in the chase contest!  You guys helped them win $20,000!  But it’s not over yet!  Remember to vote everyday in the pepsi refresh contest!  People may be cheating and pepsi may be really lazy but we can still pull this off! Anyway, here’s your update […]

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