How exactly we record videos Pt 1

So, during the marathon there were are few people asking how exactly we were streaming the Wii, along with a video feed of the player/commentator and the donation total. The simple answer? It’s not so simple. We use a variety of applications, some specific hardware, and, of course, the Wii itself.

Also, we’re mac users, so most of the applications we use will not work on a PC; however, we’re 100% sure that there are other programs that will perform the exact same thing.

First off, the most important thing that you will need is some sort of capture device. You can craft one out of a A/V to S-Video if you have an old computer, but we simply use an Elgato Video Capture. A/V is the Red, Yellow, and White colored cords, if you didn’t know.

Elgato Video Capture


It’s an A/V Female to USB cord. It’s a little expensive, running for 99 dollars, but we think it does just fine. It’s for Mac and PC, and if you want a cheaper, low quality version, you can get a Dazzle Capture Card, although the Dazzle is limited to 4:3 resolution and not 16:9, so you might have some positioning errors.

Now, if you want to stream JUST the Wii, then a capture card is all you need; but you’ll be forced to play the game on your computer. If you want to play it on your TV, whilst having video feed on your computer, then you’ll need to get some sort of splitter. These aren’t that expensive; they just split an A/V cord into two. One part goes to your TV, the other to the capture device, which goes into your computer. You can get a set of three for about 60 cents (No Joke!), and it’ll make your recordings so much easier.

Now, oho, if you thought just plugging it in to your computer was just it, then you’re so wrong. In fact, that’s only the first part. Next, we’ll have to actually stream said video and audio; and to do that we use programs called CamTwist, Garageband, Soundflower, and Ustream Producer.

How exactly do we do that? Find out next time.

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