More Gaming Night Details

Since I have a lot more of the details decided I decided to give you guys an update.    Streaming will be  hosted on Justin tv and the chat will be hosted on UStream.    The UStream chat will be embedded into our site so you can view the feed and UStream chat at the same time.  We will also embed the chat in the feed so you can view there too. We will also be reading the justin tv chat so if you’re using the iphone app don’t feel left out.   So basically if you’re on a computer goto and if you’re on an iphone use the app.    Anyways enough of that technical stuff!

As for donations we will be doing this to benefit ACT-Today again.  Our goal is $10! Let’s see if we can reach it.  The chipin will be visible on the 12th.

I have a major announcement to make here today!  Jalen will be playing Metroid Fusion at the gaming night. I bet you never thought that would happen!    As for the schedule,  it’s up in the air right now.  We’re basically planning to hang out, have fun and play the games we feel like playing.  We do know that the first night will be pretty short and will be starting a little later that night.  Also we will be playing lot’s of Zelda, Mario and Metroid. We will keep the games at the T rating limit.   We’re also planning on doing some wifi games but those details will be announced at the event.

Also we have a favor to ask you guys that would greatly help us out.  A day or two before  the event it would be great if you guys could tweet, facebook etc. about us.  We would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help us get the word out there.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to seeing you there!

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