Exploding Elephant Toothpaste Write Up

Hydrogen peroxide (H?O?) is an unstable oxidizer that will readily decompose into water and oxygen, given… [more]

Exploding Elephant Toothpaste Write Up Exploding Elephant Toothpaste Write Up

TNG Site 3.0!

The new site redesign is here!

TNG Site 3.0! TNG Site 3.0!

PAX Prime 2012!

Registration has begun!

PAX Prime 2012! PAX Prime 2012!

Minecraft Server Dynamic Map

Dynamic Minecraft Server Map

Minecraft Server Dynamic Map Minecraft Server Dynamic Map

Another update, and podcast.

Well here we are again. I've updated the site a bit, as you can see. There's now a nifty youtube feed… [more]

Another update, and podcast. Another update, and podcast.


Whoa, what is this site?

Anyway, hi guys, this is Okuu, aka Staffan, and since it’s been a while since we last saw each other, I’d figure I’d bring you guys up to speed. Not to say that you weren’t before, but still.

So, first off, Zeke is dead.

Yes, you heard me. Zeke is dead. We don’t know how it happened; he went to bed and the next day he was found dead.

And of course by bed, I mean offline, and by dead, I mean disappearance from iChat.

Second! I’m still trying to work out the whole night streams thing, but if all works out well, then we should have one coming up pretty soon. Stay tuned to TheNerdGamers for more info.

Third! If you haven’t already done so, check out the interactive menus at our youtube channel! Seriously, do so. They rock.

Well, I’m getting bored of this. Bye guys, and see ya latarz.

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Skyward Sword Nintendo Power Scans

Here’s a scan of the Skyward Sword article in Nintendo Power.  There’s some new info in the interview with Eiji Aunuma.  All of  the content is owned by Nintendo Power.  I take credit for the scans, however.  Please do not copy or post this elsewhere.  Please Note: These Images are very big.  To view it just download the PDF.

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More Gaming Night Details

Since I have a lot more of the details decided I decided to give you guys an update.    Streaming will be  hosted on Justin tv and the chat will be hosted on UStream.    The UStream chat will be embedded into our site so you can view the justin.tv feed and UStream chat at the same time.  We will also embed the chat in the feed so you can view there too. We will also be reading the justin tv chat so if you’re using the iphone app don’t feel left out.   So basically if you’re on a computer goto thenerdgamers.com and if you’re on an iphone use the justin.tv app.    Anyways enough of that technical stuff!

As for donations we will be doing this to benefit ACT-Today again.  Our goal is $10! Let’s see if we can reach it.  The chipin will be visible on the 12th.

I have a major announcement to make here today!  Jalen will be playing Metroid Fusion at the gaming night. I bet you never thought that would happen!    As for the schedule,  it’s up in the air right now.  We’re basically planning to hang out, have fun and play the games we feel like playing.  We do know that the first night will be pretty short and will be starting a little later that night.  Also we will be playing lot’s of Zelda, Mario and Metroid. We will keep the games at the T rating limit.   We’re also planning on doing some wifi games but those details will be announced at the event.

Also we have a favor to ask you guys that would greatly help us out.  A day or two before  the event it would be great if you guys could tweet, facebook etc. about us.  We would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help us get the word out there.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to seeing you there!

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Formatting Problems?

It’s come to our attention (well, at least mine) that the website isn’t perfect; for example, if you view it on Safari, sometimes (or all the time) you get the blog, but it’s under a white template, and the formatting is horrible.

We’re working on fixing this as soon as possible; but for now, if you want to see our site in it’s true form, you can go and download Firefox.

And just a reminder; we’ve got a video game marathon on August 12, 13, and 14! Check it out. Tell your friends. And most of all, donate!


Zeldafan314 EDIT:  Staffan’s computer is high on shrooms and this is happening for some reason.  If you have this problem please comment.  Also if you’re using Internet Explorer I HIGHLY recommend switching to firefox.  Just do it.

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New Layout

The  new beta design should be up and running now.  The sidebar is all whacky and it’ll be fixed tomorrow.  Sorry about that!

EDIT: Sidebar is up and running.  If you have any suggestions, comments or problems post them in the comments or here.

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The Nerd Gamer’s Night of Gaming!

Hey everyone.  I’m here to annonce our next gaming event/stream.  This is not a marathon but 3 nights of gaming in a row.  The tentative dates are the 12th, 13th and 14th.  We will be doing this event to benefit ACT-Today.  Please keep in mind that these dates could be changed at any time.  We’re planning on starting the stream around 1 PM PST and ending whenever we are done (usually around 10PM).   Also we will be switching from UStream to justin TV.  We are mainly doing this because of the ads that UStream has recently implemented.  This will lead to many improvements such as  a non laggy stream, better quality and a better iphone/ipod touch app. We will still be using the Ustream chat though. We’re not exactly sure which games we’ll be playing but we do know that we will be playing zelda,mario and metroid titles. To access the stream just reload thenerdgamers.com the day of the event. Stick around here for more updates!

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Let’s Play SMG2 – Trailer

I promise, I won’t be advertising every new episode on the site; but I just want to share this, so that every can see. It is the trailer for our next LP; Super Mario Galaxy 2!

The Let’s Play will feature interactive menus for selecting stars, and it will also be a 100% run of the game. Seriously, this is one LP you don’t want to miss out on.

SMG2 starts July 29, 2010.

SMG2 – Trailer

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Youtube Channel News: Part 2

I just got back from my Genius Bar appointment, so here’s a follow-up on the story.

You probably don’t care about the technical details, so here’s just news about the videos. NSMBW will continue as planned, but I only have 6 videos in reserve; I cant make any more videos since I don’t have the files.

So, to make up for that, you’ll get Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well as NSMBW until I run out of NSMBW videos; then it will be JUST Super Mario Galaxy 2. Once I get back to Seattle, and am able to make more NSMBW videos, then the order of videos will alternate between SMG2 and NSMBW. until NSMBW is finished. After that, it’ll be just SMG2. And once I complete that, then my next LP will start. (Hint; it’s not a Wii game)

So stay tuned to the channel. www.youtube.com/tngthenerdgamers


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Youtube Channel News

A video is also uploaded on the channel as well, but I figured that I’d post it here.

My Macbook Pro’s Hard Drive died, so I’m getting it replaced in 2 days. Unforntunately, this means I wont have access to my videos that I was going to upload. So this means that until around July 29, there will be no videos.

On July 29, if I get everything worked out, then starting on July 29, you will get the new episodes of what I had planned to start after NSMBW ended; the 100% LP of SMG.

In short, you will get no videos until July 29th, and then you might get SMG2. NSMBW will resume normally starting on August 10th.



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How We Record Videos Pt. 2

Hey everyone!  Zeldafan314 here to discuss the technical side of things.  Just a warning: this is a pretty complex setup.  If you don’t understand you can ask a question in the comments. This setup only works for macs but I can probably link you to some PC alternatives.

So if you’re just going to record this (not streaming) then it’s simple.  Just go to the Elgato video capture application and hit record.  If you’re streaming it, open the Elgato program and get to the final screen but don’t hit record.    Now you need to open camtwist.  This is where you mix all your video sources.  What you do in this next part depends on what you want your stream to look like.  If you want just the game,  double click “desktop+” and select “Elgato A/V input”.  If you want just to be part of the stream, select “desktop+” then hit “PIP”.  Then you can select it, move it and resize it.   Then you can add other video sources such as a webcam as you please.  Now you have to actually stream this.  You can do this either at ustream.tv or using their application Ustream Producer. I recommend the Producer option since it uses less processing and it makes your stream viewable on the iphone and ipod touch (although the app is crummy).  Technically you could do all the mixing from producer but it’s highly inconvenient, I recommend camtwist.   Now in producer, select camtwist as the video source.  If you hit broadcast it’ll seem like it all works fine, except for audio!

Audio is the real killer, it took me forever to figure this out. So first of all you’ll need soundflower.  This is basically a virtual audio mixer.  So what you do now is you set the audio output from the computer to go to soundflower (16ch). You can do this through system prefs –> sound.  Since the game audio is being outputted to your speakers via Elgato this captures it. But as a byproduct this also captures any audio coming from your computer.  So be sure to mute your AIM,Mail etc. sounds.  Now if you go into producer and set the live audio to soundflower (16ch) you will now be broadcasting game audio.  Now to route your voice.  You could just select the audio input to be mic but then you wouldn’t hear the game.  So you need to output it through your “speakers” which is actually going to soundflower.  This can be accomplished through Garageband.  To do this open garage band and add a live instrument.   Set the input to the desired mic.  Then turn your feedback on so it outputs to soundflower.  So now everything should be working!  You probably want to hit the headphone button in producer to get rid of any possible echo. If you want to use multiple mics, open audio midi settings and create a new group then select it in garageband.

This setup using a lot of processing  power, like any would.  If your computer is slow, the stream will be a little laggy, like ours was.  Again if you have any questions please comment!

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