Youtube Channel News: Part 2

I just got back from my Genius Bar appointment, so here’s a follow-up on the story.

You probably don’t care about the technical details, so here’s just news about the videos. NSMBW will continue as planned, but I only have 6 videos in reserve; I cant make any more videos since I don’t have the files.

So, to make up for that, you’ll get Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well as NSMBW until I run out of NSMBW videos; then it will be JUST Super Mario Galaxy 2. Once I get back to Seattle, and am able to make more NSMBW videos, then the order of videos will alternate between SMG2 and NSMBW. until NSMBW is finished. After that, it’ll be just SMG2. And once I complete that, then my next LP will start. (Hint; it’s not a Wii game)

So stay tuned to the channel.


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